Nathan C. Chappell

Senior Nonprofit Executive

Financial Performance: The Unmanageable Metric

I am passionate about many things in life but the 'science' of fundraising management would be at the top of the list.  I'm not afraid to admit that I love tracking and analyzing the minutia of numbers and activities that run in the background of an “ask” but are absolutely essential for maximizing success of matching prospect's passion with philanthropic need. Am I the only one out there that thinks like this? I seriously hope not.

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Introducting Philanthropy 2.0

We are living in the 2nd philanthropic age.  An exciting era that demands disciplined leadership, sophisticated fundraising strategies and quantifiable outcomes.  Not since Carnegie and Rockefeller has philanthropy been so in-vogue. But unlike 1913, we live in a world of efficiency, effectiveness... a world where deliberant strategies and quantifiable outcomes are no longer a luxury. A world where the 'art' of fundraising must be balanced with the ‘science’ of fundraising management. This blog and a majority of my career is devoted to the "science" of fundraising management and how fundraising managers must change the way they think, act and operate to succeed in this new heightened world of philanthropy.

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